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Rubber cutting and milling

Rubber cutting and milling

Cutting services for rubber and other soft materials. They undoubtedly have their uses primarily in industry. Without a doubt, rubber seals are the most popular.

Rubber cutting and milling. Rubber milling and cutting or cutting with an oscillating knife are other of our capabilities. A wide range of materials that we cut with an oscillating knife are mainly rubber,silicone, felt, Gambit foams, Klingerit.

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Rubber milling - cutting with an oscillating knife

Cutting with an oscillating knife is mainly divided into two ways of execution. First of all, the so-called trailing knife. The cutting head guides the knife along a preset path. This resembles hand cutting with an ordinary knife, of course, we do not compare the accuracy and speed of cutting. This technique is used for delicate materials of small thickness. In opposition to the trailing knife stands the oscillating knife. As the name suggests, the difference lies in the oscillation or vertical movement of the knife. Of course, this movement takes place very dynamically. The value of oscillation can reach 5000 movements per minute. Without a doubt, the main advantage of this solution is the fact of overcoming greater resistance. What we mean here is the possibility of cutting and milling rubber of very high density and thickness of up to 30mm.


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