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Milling Polyamide

Polyamide milling

Thermoplastic crystalline material, which occurs in many types with specific technical properties.

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Polyamide properties and use

Polyamide - what kind of material is this

Polyamide is a very durable material, resistant to mechanical and chemical damage. What’s more, it works like an insulator, suppressing vibrations and sounds. It can also be exposed to direct contact with moisture, which is due to its high hygroscopicity. Polyamide is a material destined for milling or cutting. It is resilient and at the same time hard enough.

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Polyamide - industrial applications

Polyamide is used in many industrial sectors, such as machine and vehicle construction (bearings, machine parts, fuel filters) or the transportation industry (ship bolts, guides, conveyor rollers), and can be used for furniture accessories, window components, chairs. Polyamide is also used for the manufacture of housings and fasteners. It is suitable for the production of protective and fastening elements as well as handles, furniture rollers and other accessories.