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Wooden laths and panels for walls

Fluted panels - wood panels for the wall

Fluted wall panels are mainly for those people who are very fond of dynamic decorations. Wood panels for the wall will make your interior very light. It is safe to say that the panels are not overwhelming. They perfectly fill the interiors. Their function is also to dissipate acoustic waves. They are perfect for modern interiors.

panele drewniane na ścianę
panele drewniane na ścianę

Wooden wall panels

The decoration such as wooden panels for the wall is now well-liked. They are often used in the interiors of houses when decorating them. In addition to their visual qualities, corrugated panels also have other more practical functions min. acoustic and thermal insulation. Corrugated wall panels can be composed in various ways. The most common pattern is the vertical and high pattern, which extends from floor to ceiling. A very interesting solution is also the combination of vertical and diagonal slats in one arrangement.

However, it should be borne in mind that such wood panels for the wall are not used as cladding for entire walls. Very often they act as a background, for example, for a home theater set. They can, for example, delineate a dining area or a large kitchen, or a transition from the hall to the living room.

Corrugated vertical striped wall panels are beautiful wall decorations, one of the determinants of which are narrow slats milled in different depths . The main feature of the panels is, of course, the impression of lightness. The whole decoration must not be static.


The materials used to make wood panels for the wall are min. mdf dyed in the mass. Nowadays there is a wide range of color mdf panels, which is undoubtedly the main advantage of this solution. HPL boards, which are covered with wood-like laminate resistant to scratches and moisture and weather conditions by which it can be used outdoors.

This type of wood panels for the wall, can be mounted on a substructure, that is, on a grid of either wood or aluminum slats. A common solution is also gluing with mounting glue directly to the wall.

Fluted wall panels or wooden vertical stripes once as a fashionable wainscoting has now returned in a new guise. Without a doubt, it is a decoration that will change our interior to a very modern one. We recommend our solutions because they are unique. Undoubtedly, a wide range of materials from which we make modern wooden wall panels is our advantage over our competitors.