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Milling plywood

Plywood milling

Plywood is a composite material easily processed. It is made of thin layers of different types of wood glued together. Available on the market are interior (for dry conditions) and exterior (water-resistant) plywood, differing in the type of glue used in their production.

frezowanie sklejki

Plywood milling, cutting in plywood.

Plywood is a material extremely resistant to damage caused by stretching or bending. It is a very plastic material that allows to mill even very complicated motifs in it. Using the properties of plywood, we make openwork panels of various thickness. An interesting aesthetic effect is guaranteed by the complex structure of the plywood, in which the layers and jars of used wood are visible.

We mill the openwork panels from plywood, from which we make among others:

Partition walls

Sliding or stationary are a simple way to separate rooms and workplaces. Lightweight plywood is perfecty suited for this type of project.

Screens and balustrades

Other solutions for the distribution of space are screens. This element with a milled motif will be not only functional but will also provide an interesting decoration!

Furnitures and furniture fronts

Plywood furnitures are an alternative to popular wood. Contrary to appearances, they can be as effective as wooden ones. Oiling or varnishing will protect their surface.

Radiator covers

There is no better solution to hide an unaesthetic radiator. The openwork design will turn it into a real work of art, while maintaining its heating power.

Suspended ceilings

Lightweight plywood is great for making hanging elements. The ceiling made of openwork panels is an original decorative element that doesn’t occupy the room’s surface!

In sum, we implement projects in large and small format. We mill the compositions from our offer as well as the customer proposals. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our collections of ready-made designs!