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Confetti Milling

Confetti Milling

Confetti milling. A rather unusual material, due to its structure and method of manufacture, is polyethylene PE confetti sheet. Produced from recycled plastic, it is a cheaper and more environmentally friendly version of polyethylene.

Multicolored confetti sheets are available in a variety of colors, and usually have a pattern of colorful mottles or marbles, which are the result of the process of creating this plastic, that is, recycling polyethylene polymers. They are mainly used where the color of an item is not of primary importance.

The use of polyethylene regenerate is justified and ecologically desirable, but it should be borne in mind that Konfetti, being a recycled product, is a material with properties slightly inferior to the original product. The Konfetti board will therefore be less resistant to abrasion or mechanical damage.

PE confetti, like classic polyethylene, is easily machined; milling, drilling and making holes in this material is easy and allows precise detailing.

The choice of the type of polyethylene for a given project should be considered in terms of its subsequent use; the mechanical and thermal properties of a given polymer can make quite a difference in the durability of the created product.