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MDF Dyed in the mass - milling

MDF molding color, mdf stained in the mass.

MDF color milling. MDF is a material that everyone is familiar with. Due to its wide range of applications and affordable price, it is appreciated in many industries. Starting from construction, through furniture making as well as interior decoration elements.


Dyed MDF

To meet the expectations of customers who are constantly following the trends dictated by the interior design community, we have arrived at MDF in a completely new version.

Colored MDF - is a modern solution for architects and furniture manufacturers. Thanks to the uniform coloring already at the stage of production, we get a material that opens countless possibilities.

This material comes in several colors, which allows you to create interesting decorating solutions.

Properties of dyed MDF

Only non-toxic water-based pigments with minimal formaldehyde are used in the production of MDF. Therefore, it can be used in interiors without fear. The material can be easily coated. Varnishes, waxes, oils, etc. can be used as a protective coating. Of course, like any MDF board, it can be covered with HPL laminate or veneer. This gives further decorative possibilities. After removing the covering layer by milling or cnc engraving, we get a unique and original effect.


MDF dyed advantages

This material is available in several colors, which allows you to create interesting decorative solutions. One of the advantages that no other material has is that it is easy to repair in case of scratches on the surface, without fear of a visible color difference. Milling color MDF, i.e. mass-painted MDF, gave us the opportunity to develop our own products for interior decoration. Openwork Panelsfluted panels, 3d panels - these are our flagship products that we make from colored MDF, but we are also open to author's projects of architects and designers and individual clients.


Mass-painted MDF-milling-1
Mass-painted MDF-milling-2
Mass-painted MDF-milling-3
Mass-painted MDF-milling-4
Mass-painted MDF-milling-5
Mass-painted MDF-milling-6