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Milling in HPL laminate

HPL laminate miling

HPL boards are high-pressure, layered, thermosetting laminates. The boards are durable and UV-resistant.


HPL laminate miling

Humanity owes much to this extremely practical and strong material. Laminate is one of the most commonly used materials for the production of floors, mainly due to its impermeability, easy maintenance and resistance to dirt.
The composite structure consists of layers of different fibers with different properties. The thermoset, impregnated laminate can be easily treated with a milling machine.


It is harder to find a better one – and at the same time cheaper – material for making a kitchen counter, window sill, shop counter, hotel or bar counter. The considerable resistance of the HPL laminate to scratches and abrasion is the most important feature in this case.

Wall panels

Panels can actually be made of a lot of other materials. However, when you want to decide on wood, and the content of the wallet does not allow it, you can opt for a laminate. It’s a pretty good imitation of wood!

Furnitures and furniture fronts

A wide range of colors, surface types and sizes are available on the market. The durability of the laminate and the ease of keeping it clean is a big advantage, especially in the production of furniture components!

interior or sliding doors

On which the HPL laminate can imitate wood, or other pattern. In short – suitable for all surfaces exposed to frequent mechanical injuries.


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