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Wood milling

Wood milling

Ageless, elegant, never out of fashion. Wood is an universal material commonly used in the production of furniture. It is also one of the raw materials used by us on a large scale.

frezowanie drewna

Wood milling - cutting out decorative elements

Milling in wood, due to its softness, allows to make precise decorations, rounded shapes or corner profiles. The choice of pattern and shape of the milled element is virtually unlimited. We mainly provide CNC wood milling services in the advertising and, above all, furniture industry, in which wood incessantly reigns.


Can be used as partitions or decorations. Wood will provide an unique and climatic visual effect. It will fit both modern and more traditional rooms, with a hint of classic.


Precise architectural decorations made with the CNC machine are suitable for both interior designs and furniture. They can decorate balustrades, furniture fronts or door finials. There is no limitation!

Meble i ich elementy

Frezowanie umożliwia nadanie niepowtarzalnego charakeru drewnianym meblom. Wybierz jedyny w swoim rodzaju motyw i odmień wystrój wnętrza!

Wall inscriptions

Cut out in wood or other material. The name of your company or a private motto on your house wall will surely be a fashionable and stylish element of decoration.


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