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Dibond milling

Dibond milling

Choosing Dibond is right on target for various reasons.

dibond frezowanie panel srebrny

Dibond- co to jest?

This innovative composite board is widely used in the advertising industry. Dibond is ideal for the implementation of logo designs, emblems and inscriptions. The durable and lightweight material is resistant to atmospheric and chemical agents. The structure of the material ensures an aesthetic effect of the milled parts.

Dibond - properties

A considerable advantage of boards made of Dibond is their low thickness: from 3 to 4mm. The water absorption is only 0.01%, which is why it is suitable for outdoor use.

This sandwich-shaped Dibond board is built from a core of XPS foam surrounded by aluminum sheets. This structure makes it resistant to delamination and mechanical damage.

The surface of Dibond can easily be covered with a layer of varnish, silk-screen printing, digital printing or veneer, which is undoubtedly its advantage.

We use dibond milling in, among other things:

  • plates
  • openwork
  • illuminated coffers
  • facade elements
  • radiator elephants
  • display stands

In addition, we make exhibition stands and store interior design, among other things.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that milled dibond can be made with a conical cutter. The result is a very aesthetically pleasing 90-degree bend.


Frezowanie Dibond - 1
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