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Blog about CNC milling

Wakacyjne wyzwanie - 1

Holiday challenge

Our machinery park allows us to quickly execute orders. Orders from the area of small architerkury, advertising and even construction are accepted throughout the year and executed on time. But punctuality is not everything! This year, we decided to take on the challenge of completing our customers' orders as quickly as possible! We optimized the milling process while maintaining the precision of execution. We will inform you about the effects of our...
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HDF milling

HDF Milling. We are currently completing a series of wheels, casters and wheels for our client. HDF ideally suited for product protection and also for the production of furniture and doors. It is a product of ecological plastic, wood fibers, HDF boards are a good alternative to plywood. Their extremely hard and compact structure is a suitable material for machining.

frezarka cnc instalacja

New machines

we're going for more! Milling.com has two new CNC milling machines already working for you on the new shop floor. Sounds amazing, right? Because these are amazing machines! from the best milling machine manufacturer in Poland, KIMLA. KIMLA's equipment has never let us down, which is why Frezujemy.com has relied on reliability and exceptional quality. Frezujemy.com has become the largest milling company in Podbeskidzie....
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wycinanie cnc polietylenu

Milling PEHD polyethylene. Play Tec slabs for the playground

Milling PEHD polyethylene Construction of components to be placed outdoors requires the use of appropriate materials. When choosing it, the nature of their use should also be taken into account. A type of project specific in this regard may be a playground, the development of which requires the use of plastics of sufficiently durable materials. Resistant to weather conditions and, above all, safe. At this point on the...
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Wycinamy wzorniki laminatów HPL - 2
Nowa maszyna marki Kimla w naszym parku maszynowym - 3

New Kimla brand machine in our machine park

At Frezujemy.com we do not rest on our laurels! We are constantly developing, improving, expanding our offer and we have the evidence to prove it. A new acquisition has recently appeared in our machine park - a large-format CNC machining center BPFT 2131 from Kimla. It sounds amazing, doesn't it? Because it's an amazing machine! Why did we choose the Kimla brand? We chose the Kimla brand product because of the...
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Frezowanie elementów reklam

Types of outdoor advertising

As the well-known adage goes - advertising is the lever of commerce. The history of advertising dates back to ancient times, but its greatest development dates back to the turn of the 19th/20th century. The increase in production, sales, the number of enterprises affected the competitiveness of companies. Everyone wanted to emphasize the uniqueness of their products, praise their services and, of course, do it in a unique way. This advertising machine was unleashed by...
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Dlaczego identyfikacja wizualna jest taka ważna? - 4

Why is corporate identity so important?

Even the best product or the best performed service will not gain popularity if news of their existence does not reach consumers. Another point in dealing with customers, is to gain their trust. Of course, the most important thing is to perform services reliably and offer solid products. However, equally important in building a stable brand position in the market, is a well-thought-out visual identity. What is...
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Reklama? Niezwykle ważna rzecz! - 5

Advertising? An extremely important thing!

Running your own stationary store requires taking a lot of measures that you have never had to deal with before. One of them, is advertising. To encourage potential customers to take advantage of our offer, we should first catch their eye. In this way we will arouse interest, maybe even evoke emotions that will make the person take the first step, i.e. enter the...
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Frezowanie w elementach reklamowych - 6

Milling in advertising elements

Advertising is an extremely important issue in any type of business to acquire customers. Both in the sales sector, when we offer items from our store, and in the service sector, where our product is some kind of activity provided by us. Advertising can take many forms. In the age of the Internet, it has become a common way to spread one's business by gaining popularity through activities....
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