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Machining and milling of aluminum

Aluminum milling

This silver, shiny metal has seen its merits in many branches. The production of cans in food industry or vehicle’s elements in automotive industry is just the beginning of possibilities offered by aluminum.

frezowanie cnc aluminium

Aluminum milling

A strong steel competitor, due to its resistance to cold and corrosion, environmentally friendly, flexible and plastic metal is a suitable candidate for mechanical treatment. Aluminum alloys, depending on the silicon content, differ in hardness and machinability.

External elements of buildings

Fragments of buildings made of aluminum, for example curtain walls or window frames, are very popular. Resistance to temperature and rusting is an important advantage of this material!

Balustrades, casings, handrails, baffles

There are a lot of architectural elements that protect fragments of the interior and protect their users from various dangers. Made of aluminum, they guarantee practicality and modern design!

Window sills, finishing strips

Aluminum sheet fulfills its role in this type of elements. The ease of bending, cutting and machining is a big plus here!

Industrial plates, trademarks, logos

All types of advertising items and signs made of metal will be durable and aesthetic. Aluminum works just as well in outdoor conditions!


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