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Why is corporate identity so important?

Why is corporate identity so important?

Dlaczego identyfikacja wizualna jest taka ważna? - 1

Even the best product or the best performed service will not gain popularity if news of their existence does not reach consumers. Another point in dealing with customers, is to gain their trust. Of course, the most important thing is to perform services reliably and offer solid products. However, equally important in building a stable brand position in the market, is a well-thought-out visual identity.

What is corporate identity?

A company's corporate identity is a set of actions and symbols that make up the overall image of the company and affect its perception by the environment. Thoughtful selection of visual identity elements is aimed at evoking a specific reaction, arousing associations and emotions in the audience. A company's corporate identity should be designed to be memorable to customers. The most important feature of visual identity is consistency. First of all, it should be consistent with the company's profile and specifics. It is known that a completely different identification will have a brand of clothing for young people, and a completely different aesthetic medicine clinic. They are different in terms of industry, type of business and the target to which they direct their offer. The individual elements of the identity should also be consistent.

What are the elements of corporate identity?

The most important elements of corporate identity are the company name and logo. They are the ones that are memorable to the audience - or at least they should be. Both the name and logo should be unique and at the same time reflect the character of the brand. All advertising materials should use a strict typeface. Also very important is the color scheme and style in which everything is maintained - from banners, business cards, through the interior design of offices or stores, to the facade and outdoor advertising. The choice of colors, their intensity, temperature and hue strongly affect the perception of the brand, give it character. To ensure that the consistency of the company's image is maintained for many years, all the determinants and parameters are recorded in the so-called CI standards book.

Make yourself memorable!

When creating a company's corporate identity, every step should be well thought out. Why? After all, someone might say that a logo or banner can be changed whenever we feel like it. Well, another extremely important feature of a corporate identity is its continuity and unchangeability. A customer who once remembers your brand in blue colors will look for just such colors the next time. Too frequent changes in the company's image can confuse the recipients and cause them to miss the next time!

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